Media Management

Nspirational Communications Group, Inc. is a well established multi functional marketing company with ongoing collaborations with multiple affiliates, corporate partners, as well as support entities that can facilitate media buys, whether on a local, regional, national, and even international level.


From spot buys, paid programming, to event promotions, Nspirational Communication Group has the intrinsic capacity and knowledge to target a broad spectrum, to the very niche demographic market.


The managing partners of Nspirational Communications Group not only has to-date (January 2010) over a  53 year of combined industry, awarded and celebrated portfolio within the broadcast , media, public and human relation’s industry, but what positions Nspirational to be unique is our engrained relationships, capacity to reach, as well as work in culturally diverse communities.


Nspirational Communications Group is also pleases to be working with many local action / service agencies across the State of Mississippi on a grass roots level. These agencies operate under the aspics of the Mississippi Department of Human Services; Division of Community Services. Our consulting work is in the way of public / community relations, branding / Imaging, as well as corporate fund raising.


Areas of competency to include, but not limited to:


1. Media Placement


2. Copy Writing / Creative


3. Commercial Production


4. Program Syndication


5. Sales and Marketing


6. Collateral Material Design

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